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Process and adjustment steps of round tube straightening machine
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The tube straightening machine is a device for correcting the straightness and ellipticity of a straight seam welded pipe or a seamless steel pipe. It has a fully automatic working mode, high efficiency, stable and reliable work. The process of the round tube straightening machine is: inlet pipe - straightening - outlet pipe.


During the use, the speed of the tube straightening machine needs to be adjusted accordingly, mainly according to the bending and material of the steel pipe. Generally, the greater the degree of curvature, the harder, the slower the speed, and vice versa. The angle of the straightening roller is to ensure good contact between the steel pipe and the roller surface. After the roller is worn, it can be adjusted according to the situation. In the initial adjustment, the steel pipe can be fed into the roller so that the length of the roller body is 3/3 in contact with the pipe.


In order to prevent correction defects, it is recommended to keep the gap between the roller and the tube in the range of 0.05 to 0.1 mm. In order to smoothly feed the steel pipe, the first pair of rollers are equipped with a guide bush in front, and the diameter of the guide bush is selected according to the diameter of the steel pipe to be straightened, and the diameter of the inner hole should be larger than the outer diameter of the steel pipe by 10 to 20 mm. When the roller angle and the amount of reduction of the round tube straightening machine are initially adjusted, use 1 to 3 steel pipes to test once, when the bending, ovality and surface quality meet the technical requirements and the bite is stable and straightening smoothly. Can be produced normally.