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Profile straightening machine operation and installation advantages
- Dec 30, 2017 -

Profile straightening machine in the process of using the main pipe, wire, bar, metal profiles, etc. straightening, the device will be effective by straightening the bar to squeeze bars to change the straightness, profile straightening Straight machine under normal circumstances there will be two rows of straightening roller its number is not in use, the use of its changes in the angle of the different diameter of the material for effective straightening.

Profile straightening machine working principle and control requirements

Profile straightening machine stick position and be straightened product movement direction will become a certain point of view, two or three large is the active pressure roller, driven by the motor to rotate in the same direction, the other side of a number of small roller from Moving pressure rollers, which are rotated by the friction of a rotating rod or tube.

Profile leveler in the use of the stick in order to achieve the required compression products, these small rollers can be simultaneously or separately to adjust the position forward or backward, the general number of more rollers, straightening the higher precision products. After the product is bitten into the roller, it keeps making straight or rotary motion, so that the product withstands various aspects of compression, bending, crushing and other deformation, and finally achieve the purpose of straightening.

Profile straightening machine control requirements

Profile straightening machine is mainly used in products after hot-rolled deformed and stress-strain deformation of the straightening equipment, straightening machine is a heavy-duty equipment, due to the workpiece stress and deformation of the irregularities in the workpiece into the mold to complete the processing Process, the load bear great impact, operating current fluctuations.

Requires the inverter in the operation of a transient current is too large to maintain the normal operation of the device, 8000B enhanced inverter can withstand 200% of the current overload capability, the motor overload does not slow down, flexible free V / F curve adjustment, to Meet 180% or more low-frequency torque compensation, the inverter low-frequency operation more stable, resulting in more accurate workpiece size and surface accuracy.

Profile straightening machine operation and installation advantages

1. Profile straightening machine installation is simple, three crystal 8000B enhanced inverter 110KW and above inverter power are cabinet, without any additional equipment, direct start and stop panels, panel potentiometer speed.

2. Free and flexible V / F curve setting, low frequency torque compensation up to 180%, so that the inverter running at a more stable low frequency, acceleration time is shorter, up to 100S, starting current as low as 120A.

3 comprehensive motor protection features such as: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, lack of phase, short circuit, etc;

4. After the transformation of inverter saving rate can reach 20-30%, reduce user electricity costs.