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Profiled Straightening Machine Classification and Drive System
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Profiled straightening machine effective equipment for straightening ferrous metal profiles and non-ferrous metal profiles, profile straightening machines can be used to straighten rollers to straighten profile bars, etc., and profile straightening machines for metal processing companies. Mostly stand-alone work, used outside the line to straighten I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, rail and square, round steel and other profiles.

Profiled straightening machine the effective arrangement of different types of profile straighteners, through repeated elastic-plastic bending deformation, eliminates the original curvature and makes it straight, which is beneficial to improving the quality of profiles. There are many types of profile straightening, which can be divided into fixed and variable pitch according to whether the pitch is variable or not.

Profiled straightening machine can be divided into roller profile straightening machine and wrong roller profile straightening machine according to different roller arrangement, and can be divided into horizontal and vertical profile straightening machine according to the placement form, and can be divided according to its function. It is a profile pressure straightening machine, an aluminum profile roller straightening machine, an inclined roller straightening machine for round section profile straightening, and a roller profile straightening machine.

The profiled straightening machine effectively includes a machine base and two sets of guide straightening devices fixed on the upper part of the base, and each set has two guide rollers, wherein the first set also includes two horizontally staggered straightening vertical rollers and Gap adjustment device and drive system.

The second group also includes straightening horizontal rollers arranged alternately in upper and lower rows and their gap adjusting devices and driving systems. The main feature is that the rollers of the above straightening vertical roller or straightening horizontal roller are fixed by the roller core and fixed to the rollers. The hard alloy sleeve formed on the outer circumference of the core has high wear resistance, ensures the straightening quality of the workpiece, and improves the service life and work efficiency of the machine.