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Prolonged service life of metal rolling mill and lubricant monitoring
- Nov 24, 2018 -

Metal rolling mill should be enhanced for maintenance and monitoring during use to extend their service life.

1. The metal rolling mill needs to keep the lubricating oil road smooth, select the type of lubricant according to the regulations, and regularly add sufficient lubricant. Ensure that the rolling surface of the roller and the sliding surface of the roller and the rib maintain a good lubrication of the oil wax.

2. Regularly check the seal of the seal and replace the damaged seal in time. Ensure the sealing performance of the bearing to prevent water and iron oxide from entering the bearing and prevent the leakage of the rolling mill lubricant.

3. In combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, actively carry out monitoring of the operation status of the rolling mill.

Noise monitoring of metal rolling mill

The metal rolling mill should be humming smoothly during normal operation, regularly monitored and compared with the normal sound, and the abnormal situation is found in time.

Lubricant monitoring of metal rolling mill

Normal lubricants should be clear and clean. If the lubricant is dirty, there will be abrasive particles or contaminants.