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Rebar pointing machine work regulations and uses
- Mar 31, 2018 -

The rebar pointing machine is the mechanical equipment of the metal wire drawing machine and the cold drawing production equipment in the process of operation. When the operation is in progress, the end of the raw material of the steel bar needs to pass through the steel bar sharpening machine and then passes through the drawing die hole to be pulled. Pull processing materials. Rolling point machine for metal wire rolling tips, through the use of the head. Pull the tip of the head before drawing.

The wide use of rebar pointing machine

The steel bar sharpening machine is mainly used for ferrous metal wire processing and non-ferrous metal wire processing. It is an accessory product for the drawing industry, and is mainly used for rolling tip operations before drawing various metal wire rods.

The characteristics of rebar pointing machine

The structure of the steel bar sharpening machine is compact, the transmission is stable and reliable, the volume is small, the use is safe, convenient, the noise is small, the production efficiency is high and the maintenance is convenient. It is an essential equipment for various metal wire processing.

Rebar pointing machine working procedure

1. Before working, check whether the material support is stable, whether the machine switch is effective and whether the gear guard is firm.

2. Before starting the machine, organize tools and debris on the work place and machine tool.

3. When adjusting the gap of the roller, the gap pressure cannot be too large to prevent cracking of the material. When rolling the tip, gradually pressurize it. Do not roll it once.

4. To check the actual size of the wool, geometry and hardness are in line with the provisions. It is forbidden to process unannealed bar stocks to prevent the crushing rolls or the broken pieces from hurting people.

5. When the operator throws down, pay attention to the safety of the people around him. When you cut the wire, you must prevent the bar from rolling or the wire from being damaged. The wire must be removed in time.

6. When feeding the tip, you must hold the rod to prevent it from sliding or tilting. When processing materials with a diameter of 18 mm or more, you must work together and pay attention to coordination.

7. Rolled over the sharp material can not touch the tip by hand to prevent burns.

8. The position of the rack should be proper, and the channel must not be blocked.