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Roller design in horizontal thin tube straightening machine
- Dec 20, 2018 -

For a horizontal thin tube straightening machine, the conventional hyperbolic roll type cannot form an effective isosceles bending zone during the straightening process, so that it is difficult to improve the straightening quality. Especially in the process of straightening small-diameter high-strength round materials, not only the biting is difficult but also the contact line is severely shortened due to the increase of the pressing amount, it is difficult to form an equal curvature bending zone, the straightening effect is poor, and even serious indentation occurs.


Therefore, in order to improve the straightening effect of the horizontal super-small pipe straightening machine on the millimeter-grade stainless steel pipe, it is necessary to increase the length of the contact zone and create conditions to form an effective equal curvature anti-bending zone. In contrast, the reverse bending type is more likely to form an equal curvature reversal during the straightening process than the hyperbolic roll type, which is in line with the actual straightening.


By transforming the second and fourth pairs of straightening rolls of the horizontal ultra-fine pipe straightening machine into a reverse bending type design, the equal curvature inversion zone is effectively increased, and the straightening quality of the capillary steel pipe is obviously improved. The straightening reduction of the reverse bending type is more reasonable. The straightness and residual stress after straightening are better than the ordinary hyperbolic roll type, which proves the importance and necessity of the reverse bending type in the straightening process of ultra-fine pipe.