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Single chain cold draw bench performance characteristics and technical parameters
- Mar 13, 2018 -

In the course of operation, the main drive of single chain cold draw bench can only drive one chain, and it can only drive a drawing cart to work. Analyzed from the overall structure, the single-chain cold-drawing machine has a simple structure, at the same time, the manufacturing and use costs are relatively low, and thus it is widely used in the domestic cold-drawing industry.


Because the single-chain cold-drawing machine has such a structural characteristic, the overall mechanization and automation degree of the device is lower than that of the double-chain cold-drawing machine, and the operating strength of the worker is required to be large.


Technical parameters of single chain cold draw bench:

The single-stranded single wire is used for the drafting. Usually, the equipment is rated at a pull rate of 14 meters per minute, the maximum length can reach 9 meters after being drawn, the returning speed of the trolley is 65 meters per minute, and the main motor power of the equipment is 60Kw. /730r/min.


Main components and configuration of single chain cold draw bench:

From the composition analysis, the main components of the equipment include: main motor, main reducer, pull die assembly, drive sprocket assembly, car assembly, car transmission, bed assembly, core device, electronic control and ground Foot bolts and so on. In which the die holder and the sprocket seat are generally made of solid steel castings. The four-piece chain is used for the pull chain, and the 45# steel is used for the overall conditioning.


In practical applications, at present, we can mainly use single chain cold draw bench to process all kinds of cold-drawn steel pipes. Usually the diameter of a cold-drawn steel tube is about 6 mm and a thickness of 0.25 mm. As a common equipment for cold-drawing steel tubes, single-chain cold-drawing machines have been widely used in the manufacture of various engineering machinery since their inception.