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Specific operation requirements of twin chain cold drawing bench
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The double-chain cold drawing machine is one of the steel processing machines. It uses the stress exceeding the yield point to stretch the steel bar within a certain limit, thereby increasing the yield point of the steel bar by 20 to 25%. When operating, the winch should be reasonably selected according to the diameter of the cold-drawn steel bar. The hoisting wire rope shall pass through the closed guide pulley and be at right angles to the horizontal direction of the tensioned bar. The position of the winch should be such that the operator can see all the cold drawing sites, and the distance between the winch and the cold drawing center line should not be less than 5m.


Before the double-chain cold drawing machine is operated, the cold-drawn jig should be inspected, the pinch teeth should be intact, the pulleys and the towed trolleys should be lubricated and flexible, and the hooks, ground anchors and protective devices should be complete and firm. Only after the confirmation is good can you work. The operator must see the commander signaling and wait until all personnel have left the danger zone to operate.


Double-chain cold drawing machine) The lighting facilities for night work should be installed outside the dangerous area of tension. More than 5m when it needs to be installed on the site. The bulb should be covered with a protective cover, and bare wires are strictly prohibited. After the height should be operated, the hoisting wire rope should be relaxed, the weight should be dropped, the power supply should be cut off, and the switch box should be locked.