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Square tube straightening machine works
- Dec 01, 2018 -

The Square tube straightening machine is suitable for straightening the square metal pipe. The straightening machine achieves the pressing action of the pipe by the straightening roller, thereby changing the straightness. There are usually two rows of straightening rolls, varying in number. There are also two-roll straighteners that rely on angular changes in two rolls (intermediate concave, hyperbolic rolls) to straighten materials of different diameters. The main types are pressure straighteners, balance roller straighteners, shoe roll straighteners, rotary back straightening machines, and so on.

The working principle of the Square tube straightening machine can be summarized as follows: the bending force of the steel material is applied with a large force to cause reverse bending or stretching, so that the part has a certain elastic-plastic deformation, when the external force is removed The tube is elastically restored and then straight.

The working mode of the Square tube straightening machine: put one end of the square tube of the special-shaped pipe which needs to be straightened in the middle of the two-side wheel, pass the motor, the multi-speed reducer pulley (frequency control), the bilateral transmission of the chain, so that the roller drives the profile The material advances and straightens the straightening of the workpiece.