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Steel bar cold draw bench working principle and precautions in use
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. Steel bar cold draw bench works:

Steel bar cold draw bench in the drawing machine, which is supported by two I-shaped rails, driven by the main cylinder. Thus, let pulling the trolley along the I-shaped rail to run. In addition, the main cylinder and pulling the car can be split axially through the piston and the car body.

When carrying out the cold drawing of the bar, the core rod is inserted into the inner hole of the pipe first, and then the core head is mounted, so that the front end of the material can be pushed out of the draft holder. After that, the pulling trolley is in the starting position, so that the main cylinder in the drawing machine can start to start the pulling work. When drawing is finished, the pre-tightening cylinder starts to move, so that it can be smoothly unloaded.


2. Steel bar cold draw bench precautions during use

(1) Steel bar cold draw bench, which should be level with the bearing frame, so that the rotation of the machine spindle and the drum axis is flexible.

(2) drawing machine in the drive pulley and gear, you must have protective cover this protective device. And, in some parts, but also to install protective net or baffle, so that workers and operations to ensure that the safety.

(3) Operators of Steel bar cold draw bench should wear protective equipment before work, and should not operate in error or irregularities to avoid accidents or dangers.

(4) Before the work, clean up the debris and obstacles around the workbench and equipment, and work in the same way, so as to avoid the danger of personnel being stumbled.

(5) When the steel drawing machine is used for cold drawing, it should always pay attention to the operation between the three parts of the discharge frame, the roller frame and the roller, whether it is normal or not, and if so, stop the machine immediately It is not to let the equipment get sick, causing serious consequences.