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Steel bar straightening and cutting machine precautions and after-installation inspection
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine in the process of using matters needing attention

(1) If the reinforcement material is not up to standard, or there is a problem, then it can not be sent to the steel straightening and cutting machine, so as to avoid damage to equipment, thereby shortening its service life.

(2) When the steel straightening cut off, should be placed in the correct position, can not be casually put. In addition, if it is disc material, it should also pay attention to the use of the disc tray, is normal. When the work is completed, the equipment should be cut off in time to prevent accidental start.


Steel bar straightening and cutting machine after installation check and straightening block use instructions

(1) Steel straightening and cutting machine, after installation is completed, it is necessary to carry out some inspection work, for example, to check its electrical system and some important components are damaged or damaged. In addition, the connectors and fasteners should be checked for looseness and other issues. After everything is checked there is no problem, the equipment can begin to work, and feed, straighten and cut off the work.

(2) Straightening block in the steel bar straightening and cutting machine is usually selected and determined according to the diameter of the straightened steel bar, and a good traction wheel groove and transmission speed are determined. In general, the diameter of the straightening block should be 2-5 mm larger than the bar diameter. Also, the width of the traction sheave should be the same as the diameter of the straightening bar needed, which is appropriate.