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Steel bar straightening cutting machine features
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Steel bar straightening cutting machine equipment has the advantages of small space, light weight, simple installation and debugging, stable and reliable performance, and high degree of automation. Therefore, since the steel bars straightening and cutting machine equipment has been put into the market, it is very popular among users' friends.


In general, combined with the requirements of the analysis, the speed of the steel bar straightening cutter equipment is generally designed to be 50 meters per minute. In addition, the device also has functions such as automatic counting, automatic stop, etc., and its mechanical part has no wearing parts and is easy to operate and maintain. Compared with other similar products, it has a small size, light weight, low price, and high efficiency. The machine's working error is within 15mm.


From the perspective of its structure, in the steel bar straightening and cutting machine equipment, its main components include: double-roller wire feeding, double-row chain transmission, and a straightening roller for the welding combination structure, and 7 straightening die welding with automatic guiding. The device, so when the φ6-φ10 rebar is straightened, there is no need to change the mold, just adjust the eccentricity of the mold.


Steel bar straightening cutting machine equipment operating procedures:


The first step is to ensure that the bars, chutes, and other components of the bar straightening cutter equipment are properly installed and aligned with the centerlines of the guide cylinder, straightening cylinder, and lower cutter hole. Then turn the flywheel by hand, check the transmission mechanism and working device, adjust the gap, tighten the bolts, confirm the normal, start idle rotation, check the bearing should be no abnormal noise, gear meshing is good, until the operation is normal, before operation.


The second step is to select the proper straightening block according to the diameter of the straightening bar and set the appropriate transmission speed. After the steel bar straightening and cutting machine equipment is completed, it can be fed. Remember that no material should be fed until the straightening block is fixed and the protective cover is not covered. It is forbidden to open the protective cover and adjust the gap in the operation. When the rebar is fed in, the hand and the wheel must be kept at a certain distance and must not be approached.


It should be noted that during the operation of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine equipment, it is necessary to cut off the non-straight material head before feeding, and a one-meter-long steel pipe should be installed in front of the guide cylinder. The steel bar must be passed through the steel pipe before being fed into the pipe. Straighten the guide hole in the front end. After the steel bar straightening cutter equipment is processed, the straightening block of the straightening tube should be released and returned to its original position, and the preload spring must be returned.