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Steel Bar Straightening Cutting Machine Use Maintenance Instructions
- Mar 15, 2018 -

The steel bar straightening cutting machine products are characterized by small size, light weight, simple installation and commissioning, good effect, and high degree of automation, and thus are very popular with users after they are put into the market. In practical applications, the steel bar straightening and cutting machine has high operating efficiency, and can automatically count and stop automatically. During operation, the mechanical part does not contain wearing parts and has a long service life.


Not only that, but for the user, the steel bar straightening cutting machine is easy to operate and maintain. Compared with other similar products, its work efficiency is high, its price is economical, and its working error is small. The equipment adopts double-roller wire feeding, double-row chain transmission, and a straightening roller as a welding combination structure, in which seven straight molds are welded with an automatic guide device, and there is no need to change the mold when aligning the φ6-φ10 steel bar, and only adjustment is required. The eccentricity of the mold can be.


In the steel bar straightening cutting machine, it is usually required to use four wire feed rollers at a time, and each roller is engraved with four triangular grooves. The middle slot is large and the two sides are small. When the coarse steel bars are used, large slots are used to finely adjust the size. Small grooves are used for reinforcing bars. The normal machine corresponds to the second slot. When using the first slot, the pad on the outside of the roller should be moved inside the roller.


In the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the straightening roller also belongs to an important part. Normally, the alignment roller adopts a welding combination structure. Such a structure design facilitates the observation operation and can maintain a good cooling effect. Adjust the wire with a 16m high-strength bolt for a length and length to adjust the eccentricity.


Finally, I will introduce you to the shearing system of the steel bar straightening cutting machine. The shearing system of the equipment adopts rolling shear at the same line speed, which can obviously increase the production efficiency, and at the same time can complete shearing and feeding. The shear system of the steel bar straightening cutter usually outputs the shearing power from the transmission main shaft, the transmission flywheel stores energy, the clutch system controls the action, and the two roller shears perform shearing.