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Steel coil uncoiler machine performance introduced
- Mar 06, 2018 -

In actual processing, it is not so easy to rework the large-diameter coil bar unwinding and rewinding, which is because the diameter of the bar is too large. Therefore, it is difficult to realize the steel coil uncoiler machine in the unwinding and unwinding process . Therefore, for large diameter steel processing, you need to select the appropriate disk uncoiler, otherwise it will affect the next step of the process.


A high-quality steel coil uncoiler machine not only has a stable and reliable performance, but also should have a high level of automation. In general, for large diameter steel unwinding release line, suitable for use of variable frequency speed control system. And should be able to match any polisher, wire drawing machine, cold rolling mill or straightening and cutting machine and so on.


In addition, a high quality steel coil uncoiler machine in the actual production, not only with the automatic coil unwinding function, but also should have the role of pre-adjusted straight to ensure that the entire processing line in the center, to avoid the next step before entering the line Circle scratched surface.


Steel coil uncoiler machine to open the coil of different specifications of the material, in practice, through the straightening wheel on the round out of the initial straightening out for pulling the thread to the rolling tip, the first machine or drawing Machine, not only reduce the intensity of work, but also can save a lot of time.


It should be noted that, as a large round of unwinding pay-off line equipment, since the unwinding machine itself is aimed at the market heavy coil, it is necessary to ensure the safety of production in the unwinding of the line. Therefore, when the equipment should be used to strengthen the body after the plate to ensure that the machine in the pay-off when the stability.


In short, the coil uncoiler in fact contributes to a coil pay-off device that can be used for different diameters of hot-rolled coil unwinding pay-off line, pre-straightening. General uncoiling uncoiling machine used in shot blasting machine, drawing machine, straightening machine in the forefront of the process.