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Steel coil uncoiler related configuration and lubrication requirements
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Steel coil uncoiler in use is a metal plate leveled special equipment, mainly used in the leveling plate steel plate, the uneven plate can be configured according to the relevant configuration uncoiling, leveling, cutting and other sheet products Production line, is very suitable for use in the use of machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structure, decoration and other industries.

Steel coil uncoiler is effectively arranged at the front end of the inlet section of the unit and can remain unwound at the back tension of the strip during use. Another notable effect is the automatic control of the strip under its central control (CPC) Right. Routine retreat, the color coating unit configuration 2 uncoiler, due to the two uncoiler alternately open the book for the follow-up of the unit to create a continuous prerequisite for the production equipment.

Steel coil uncoiler body is welded box-shaped structure, frequency control motor through the gear box deceleration drive spool shaft for the uncoiler to provide the main force. Uncoiler roll is a hollow shaft, through the two bearings supporting the gear box, the transmission between the bearings installed spur gear.

Steel coil uncoiler gearboxes are lubricated for forced lubrication and are equipped with two constant speed motors for the closed-loop oil lubrication system. The mandrel is a cantilever structure, the front end of which is supported by the outer support bearing during unwinding to maintain the rigidity and stability of the uncoiler.

Steel coil uncoiler mandrel will be effective through the four end face with a tapered dovetail slot connected to the four sector board, each fan board at the end through a radial slide to prevent its axial movement, but can be achieved along the Radial expansion. A rotating oil cylinder is connected to the tail end of the spool shaft, and the piston rod of the oil cylinder drives the front quadrangular shaft to slide axially by the pull rod in the center of the spool shaft so as to drive the radial expansion and contraction of the fan plate.

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