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Steel Cold Rolling Mill and Progress in Process Technology
- Apr 21, 2018 -

In strip products, various cold-rolled plate parts are increasingly used. At present, the modern cold rolling production technology is basically characterized by continuous, high-speed, and specialization. The strip cold rolling methods mainly include reversible rolling and continuous rolling. Among them, the steel cold rolling mill is an important equipment for the production of cold rolled strips. Then briefly introduce the main features of the cold-rolling mill.


Analysis from the development trend, the future steel cold rolling mill equipment will be in the direction of large-scale, continuous, automated, high-speed and information. For users, this production line has characteristics such as large scale of production, high product accuracy, and complex automation systems, distributed computer control system that satisfies "high-speed control, high-speed communication," and precision rolling technology represented by product quality control. , is the core issue of equipment research.


In fact, in the process of using the steel cold rolling mill, taking into account the quality requirements of the cold rolled strip products, most of the hydraulic bending devices or traction work roll devices are used to improve the plate shape. In this way, in order to increase the response speed of the rolling mill pressing device, a full hydraulic pressure reduction device and an automatic thickness control device are adopted on the cold rolling mill. In particular, some high-speed, high-volume devices have achieved computer control and full continuous rolling.


As a special machine for wire processing, the steel cold rolling mill equipment has good performance and mechanical properties. With this device, hot-rolled discs and hot-rolled steel rods with a diameter of 6.5 mm to 12 mm can be reduced in diameter by cold-rolling, and then processed into cold-rolled strips with a diameter of 5 mm to 11 mm with ribs on their surfaces. Rib reinforcement. And it is mainly based on hot-rolled steel strip or steel plate as a raw material, and is rolled into a material at a normal temperature by a cold rolling mill.


From the analysis of the production quality, the products such as cold rolled strips and sheets obtained through the cold rolling mill have the advantages of smooth surface, flatness, high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties, and the products are mostly rolled into a roll, and there is a large part of them. After processing into coated steel plates. Moreover, the cold rolling mill has high production efficiency and is easy to use, which is favorable for subsequent processing.