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Steel Cold Rolling Mill Maintenance and Advantages
- Apr 03, 2018 -

In the course of operation, the steel cold rolling mill effectively cold-rolls and cold-rolls the Grade I hot-rolled Q235 round steel to produce finished equipment in the form of spiral steel bars. The cold steel rolling mill is in the rolling refrigeration belt. In the process of rib reinforcement, the parent metal can be cold-processed simultaneously in the latitude and longitude direction.

Steel cold mills retain the relative balance and stability of the original area in the central section of the original section. While improving resistance to position and pressure, they can still retain sufficient extension properties to a certain extent. This will result in geometric parameters and The four material indexes can be used in important industrial and civil buildings of the first-class safety grade, saving steel consumption and lowering construction prices.

Steel cold rolling mill maintenance

1. Check whether the electrical system of the cold rolling mill is normal before each shift.

2. And check the oil level of each tank is normal.

3. Whether each oil injection site is filled with oil.

4. Is the base material feeding reasonable?

5. After checking the above matters.

6. The electrical part of the cold rolling mill should always clean up dust and debris.

7. The moving parts should always check if the fastening is loose and reasonable.

8. During the production process of the cold rolling mill, it shall not be used beyond the limit so as not to cause damage to certain mechanical parts of the cold rolling mill. It shall be rolled according to rolling standards in order to ensure the safe use of the cold rolling mill equipment and the qualification of the product.