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Steel Cold Rolling Mill Working Principle and Maintenance
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Steel cold rolling mill in the use of the process is a new type of steel cold rolling processing equipment, in the course of the use of its equipment can be directly in the diameter of 6mm to 12mm between the hot-rolled plate round into finished product specifications Diameter In the 5mm to 12mm cold rolled ribbed steel bar.

Cold-rolled ribbed steel bars made of steel cold rolling mill in the prestressed concrete components, the cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire replacement products, products in the structure of concrete pouring, can replace the first-class steel to save steel , Is the same kind of cold-processed steel in a better.

Steel cold rolling mill in the process of making the system is not required speed, in the use of the effective use of its AC motor, if the cold rolling mill in the process of rolling speed, you can use DC motor.

Steel cold rolling mill made of the finished product is very its form of its spiral steel machine equipment, equipment in the rolling cold-rolled ribbed bar in the process of the base metal can be the same time the latitude and longitude of cold processing, in use can effectively retain its original The center of the cross-sectional area of the relative balance and stability under the premise of retaining sufficient extension performance.

Steel cold rolling mill in the operation is mainly used to drag the steel drag, the effective use of its equipment, work roller, bearing roller together effectively the force will be effectively applied to the two sides of the steel, by changing the gap between the two rolls Size to achieve the purpose of rolling out different diameter cold rolled ribbed bar.

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