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Steel Pipe Straightening Machine Which Operational Requirements
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Steel pipe straightening machine in the course of the use of mainly for wire, pipe and bar and other materials straightening processing equipment, steel pipe straightening machine in the operation of its straight through the straightening of the bar and other materials effectively Its squeeze, so it will be to some extent to change the straightness.
Steel pipe straightening machine under normal circumstances will have its two straightening roller, in use, the number is not the same, in the course of the operation is mainly dependent on the two roller angle changes on the different diameter of the material for its effective correction Straight, the main type of shoe roll straightening machine, pressure straightening machine, rotating bending straightening machine.

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Steel tube straightening machine in the process of operation of its equipment is not allowed to stack their items, which can be a certain degree of effective to prevent its mechanical shock into the body, the rack and the trough in the installation process should be flat Straight and effective alignment of the guide tube.

Steel tube straightening machine needs to rotate the flywheel of the straightening machine effectively by hand. When it is used, it is effective to check its transmission mechanism and working device. When used, it can effectively adjust its gap and fasten its bolt. After confirming the normal operation, The start of its empty operation, check the bearing should be no abnormal sound.

The steel tube straightening machine is effective according to the diameter of the straightening bar, and it needs to use its proper straightening block and transmission speed when it is used. After passing the debugging, it can feed the material. When the straightening block is not fixed, the protective cover Do not feed before it is covered.
It is forbidden to open the protective cover and adjust the gap. When the steel into the straightening machine, the hand and the tractor must maintain a certain distance, not close. Before feeding, the straight head should be cut off, the guide tube should be installed before a 1m long steel pipe, steel must first pass through the steel pipe and then into the straight front of the guide hole.

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