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Steel pipe straightening machine operation instructions and precautions
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Pipe straightening machine, its good quality standards, is for stable performance, simple and convenient operation, high work efficiency and straightening quality and straightening effect.

Steel pipe straightening machine, in its definition, can refer to the definition of ordinary straightening machine. Ordinary straightening machine, which is mainly a kind of straightening equipment such as metal sections, bars, tubes and wires, is used to straighten the straightness of the material by changing the straightness of the straightening roll. The steel pipe straightening machine is mainly used for the steel pipe material, and its principle of straightening is the same as that of an ordinary straightening machine.


Steel pipe straightening machine operation instructions


(1) Before starting the leveler, it is necessary to check some important parts or important parts of the leveler, for example, whether it is necessary to check the hydraulic oil. In addition, the lubrication of the equipment must be checked to see if it is lubricated in place and comprehensive. The mechanical transmission part of the equipment is inspected and is operating normally and flexibly.

(2) The operator should wear good labor protection articles and wear overalls, and correct and standardize the steel pipe straightening machine. Improper or incorrect operation is strictly prohibited. After the work begins, you must not leave your post and post on duty.

(3) After the straightening machine has been straightened, the power of the equipment should be turned off in time, and daily cleaning and maintenance should be performed.


Steel pipe straightener in the use of the process of attention

The steel pipe straightening machine has some precautions during its use. Specifically, it is:


(1) Pipe straightening machine, in the straightening process, the contact area of the steel pipe and the straightening roller should be appropriate, and there should be a suitable straightening gap, in general, can not be greater than 0.1mm.

(2 The straightening speed of the straightening machine shall be determined by the degree of bending of the steel pipe and the specific material of the steel pipe. In addition, the distance between the upper and lower rollers shall also be appropriate so that the straightening reduction can be ensured. For the operator, it is strictly prohibited to touch by hand. Steel pipe straightener moving parts because it is very dangerous.