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Steel pipe straightening machine operation steps and use requirements
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The steel pipe straightening machine adopts its vertical configuration during operation, and it is driven in both directions. When it is used, its transmission torque is large and the straightening quality is high. The steel pipe straightening machine has convenient roll change and easy to bite. Suitable for online continuous operations. Durable and durable, the hole type is the most advanced elliptical translation curve in the straightening machine industry. The surface of the material to be corrected is guaranteed to have no defects such as spiral indentation and scratching. And can improve the ellipticity of the section.

Steel pipe straightening machine steps

1. The steel pipe straightening machine needs to effectively check whether the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station, the gearbox and the gear oil of the gearbox are full before starting the machine.

2. Before the main motor starts, adjust the corner inspection and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system.

3. Inject lubricant into each lubrication point and check the operation of the mechanical transmission part to make it flexible.

4. The operator of the steel pipe straightening machine needs to wear its labor insurance products, and must not leave the post and run the post after starting the machine.

5. After the oil temperature and oil pressure of the hydraulic station have stabilized, the upper straightening roller is raised to the initial position.

6. Manually receiving the material, sending the steel pipe through the third pair of straightening rolls and then clamping the upper straightening rolls.

7. Start the main motor and the steel tube will be straightened while rotating.