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Steel rod straightening machine straightening force and straightening process parameters
- Jun 12, 2018 -

In the steel bar straightening machine, the straightening roller is an important component, and it is also one of the main components of the equipment because it plays an important role in straightening and subjecting the straightening roller, an essential component, to Force analysis and simulation are very necessary and can help the smoother to work smoothly and improve the straightening quality and straightening effect of the leveler.


In the analysis of the force of the straightening roller of the steel bar straightening machine, it is generally based on the principle of rotary anti-bending and straightening, and the straightening roller system is established to support the two ends of the steel bar and to drive the steel bar to rotate. The purpose of straightening can be achieved by changing the amount and position of the straightening roll. In addition, through the mechanical model and some programming software, the contact forces between straightening rollers in the straightening roller system are analyzed, simulated and tested. The experimental results obtained are analyzed and compared to verify the theoretical analysis and The reliability of the simulation results.


Steel bar straightening machine, it is also a corresponding straightening process parameters, which specifically for the straightening temperature, straightening and straightening and reducing the amount of these three. The determination of these three parameters is determined by the material performance parameters and straightening requirements.


Straightening temperature: This is an important straightening process parameter. The basic requirement is to have a suitable straightening temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the straightening quality of the leveler. If the straightening temperature is too high, defects may occur in the steel bar. If the straightening temperature is too low, the problem of non-straightening may occur.

Straightening pass: It is mainly related to the straightening effect of each pass of the steel bar, and also has a great relationship with the straightening temperature. Therefore, in the straightening of the steel bar straightener, straightening passes should be strictly controlled to avoid straightening problems.

Straightening reduction: It is also called correction, which is mainly related to the amount of straightening and bending deformation of the steel bar. Therefore, its numerical value should also be appropriate, so as to ensure a good straightening quality, but it should be noted that the straightening force can not be too large, otherwise it will cause excessive wear of the steel bar straightening machine straightening roller .