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Steel rolling mill related introduction
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The steel rolling mill belongs to a production facility specifically for the completion of the rolling process of metallic steel. In a broad sense, it includes equipment to complete the entire process of rolling production, such as major equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting equipment and ancillary equipment. However, the so-called steel rolling mill often only refers to the main equipment.


1, on the choice of steel rolling mill:


As a user, in order to better complete the production work, first of all need to choose a suitable production equipment. In general, the type and size of the finished or semi-finished steel mills are selected based on the product variety, specification, quality and yield of the product being manufactured, with the necessary auxiliary, hoisting, transportation and ancillary equipment, The various requirements of the final balance to be selected.


2, steel rolling mill transmission:


Under normal circumstances, the steel mill transmission is mainly composed of motor ﹑ reducer ﹑ gear and connecting shaft and other components. During operation, the gear train distributes the drive torque to two or more rolls. Auxiliary equipment includes a series of auxiliary processes during the rolling process equipment, such as raw material preparation ﹑ heating ﹑ ﹑ steel cutting ﹑ straightening ﹑ cooling and other equipment.


3, the classification of steel rolling mill:


The steel rolling mills can be classified according to the arrangement and number of rolls, classified according to the arrangement of the racks or classified according to the products produced, which are respectively listed in Table 1, the arrangement and number of the steel mills according to the rolls, Arrangement classification and Table 3 Steel rolling mill products by product classification.


4, analysis of the development trend of steel rolling mill:


Combined with the current market trends to analyze the future trend of steel rolling mill products can be summarized as: continuous ﹑ automation, specialization, high product quality, low consumption.