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Steel straightening machine operation precautions and process requirements
- Dec 28, 2017 -

Straightening and bending of the steel straightening machine during the operation of the two opposite process, but the deformation mechanism of the equipment is the same, in the use of straightening steel, we must first understand the elastic characteristics of the metal, Usually different metals have different elastic limits. That is to say, this elastic deformation is also accompanied by plastic deformation. In the past straightening production, people realized the existence of flexibility.

The use of the small curvature plane bending rebound theory in the steel straightening machine effectively analyzed the multi-roll straightening process of the parallel roll steel straightening machine, and revealed the principle of the multi-roll straightening process by the numerical analysis results. The pressing procedure is divided into three kinds: straightening strategy of large reduction amount, straightening strategy of small reduction amount and straightening strategy of non-decreasing reduction amount, analyzed their characteristics and suggestions respectively, and optimized the straightening machine Design and continuous development provide a reliable theoretical basis.

Steel straightening machine operating requirements

1. Steel straightening machine in the process of operation in order to eliminate uneven deformation, the first need to roll the two large enough to meet the steel plastic deformation requirements. Eliminate the original deformation of steel to achieve the purpose of a unified deformation.

2. To ensure a reasonable and orderly steel rhythm, increase the number of straightening measurements to ensure that the straightening center in a straight line. Development of straightening roller assembly standards to ensure that the installation is correct, well documented. Establish BH value and the relationship between straightening roller spacing, to achieve a reasonable roll, to ensure that the roll gap between 1-3mm.

3. Steel straightening machine to optimize the use of water and pace, to a certain extent, as possible to make steel into the water area completely, when used to enhance on-site ventilation, and effectively ensure that the steel before entering the water temperature Less than 400 ℃. Water cooling time should not be too long, because the cooling flange is stretching - compression - stretching process, the web compression - pull - compression process, so too long cooling will cause greater scoliosis and with the next bend, on the Bending phenomenon appears. Make straightening machine axial zero calibration, rational use of the axial. Often observe the gap between the vertical roller and the profile, so that accurate adjustment.