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Steel tube drawing machine safety operation requirements
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The pipe drawing machine has the advantages of high efficiency, good adaptability, simple and convenient operation, stable product performance, and low running noise. In order to ensure the smooth completion of production operations, the operators of steel wire drawing machine equipment have strict requirements. First of all, the operator must hold the qualification of the wire drawing machine, and it is forbidden to operate the unlicensed person on the machine.


Secondly, as a qualified staff member, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the production requirements on the designated tube drawing machine equipment, and it is forbidden for non-native personnel to operate on the machine or to perform string operations. At the same time, operators must be familiar with the basic technical parameters and performance indicators of the equipment. During the operation, the staff must be responsible and responsible for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of this equipment. At the same time, it also needs to continue to sum up learning and continuously improve its own quality.


More importantly, it is also necessary to ensure safety during the operation of the pipe drawing machine equipment. In order to meet this requirement, on-site operators must wear gloves to prevent parts from burning their fingers and affecting product quality. And before turning on the device, you also need to carefully check the status of the device. In addition, it is necessary to properly install the brushed belt. Generally, it is required that the direction of the arrow inside the belt be the same as the direction of the arrow on the drawing roller.


Next, we must also pay attention to the inspection of the upper and lower bearing seats of the steel wire drawing machine equipment, as well as the lubrication quality of the lifting screw, and to determine when the positive material on the front can be turned on. Remember that after starting the equipment, check whether the belt swing is within the required range and whether there are any other abnormalities. Otherwise, the belt should be immediately adjusted or shut down. It is forbidden to start the wire drawing machine and the dust collection fan at the same time. It is forbidden for the operator to leave the job after starting the machine.


In addition, the pressure setting of the steel tube drawing machine equipment should meet the production requirements. Under normal circumstances, the pressure gauge indication should be between 35 and 75, and it is forbidden to exceed the red line to avoid equipment or personal accidents. And the steel wire drawing machine equipment is strictly prohibited under normal operating conditions to adjust the air pressure, so as to prevent the belt from losing control and cause equipment and personal accidents.