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Steel wire butt welder correct use standard
- May 31, 2018 -

The steel wire butt welder is simple and practical, and has high work efficiency. For the user, the device also has the advantages of convenient operation, flexible use, and saving energy. Steel wire butt welding machine is mainly used for the welding of steel wire. Its design is reasonable, the quality is reliable, and the work place is flexible. The welder is easy to master. In actual operation, specific operating requirements can also be adjusted according to production conditions.


In general, the steel wire butt welding machine equipment has many advantages, such as its excellent performance and economical price. And in the process of long-term use, it can still maintain good work performance and low failure rate. The product has good molding quality and high efficiency. It can be said that this equipment is an ideal high-efficiency and energy-saving device for contact welding of steel wire materials.


As a user, taking into account the importance of wire welding machines in actual production, we must minimize the damage to the equipment when operating. First of all, when the welding machine moves, it must be pushed from behind, and requires both hands to hold the U-handle on one side of the welding machine. Remember that one cannot push or push the upper part of the welding machine by hand, then push the welding machine slowly, and pay attention to the road conditions at the same time. . Operators must not leave the job during welding and annealing.


If you need to move the steel wire butt welder equipment, you should unplug the power cord in advance and connect it to the power cord after reaching the destination. Remember that the steel wire should be straightened and polished before welding. When the steel wire is cut, it is forbidden to leave oxide scale on the surface of the steel wire and ensure the service life of the cutting knife. Moreover, when welding, the correct position of the welding slot should be selected according to the specification of the steel wire. It is not allowed to place the coarse steel wire in the fine welding groove so as not to cause the welding block to wear out.


In the process of operating the steel wire butt welder, it is also necessary to timely check the welding quality of the finished product. At the same time, it should be noted that after the welding is completed, the wire must be pushed to the wire safe area. Welding machines must be carefully checked when they are handed over, and abnormalities are promptly notified and repaired.