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Steel wire butt welder maintenance instructions
- Apr 08, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the steel wire butt welder is generally mobile, and usually does not have to be fixed. In the process of installation, the corresponding power socket of the welding piece is set. Wire welders must not be exposed to moisture in order to avoid damaging the insulation.

The workbench of the steel wire butt welder must remove debris and splashes of metal. After welding, the welder must carefully clean the dirt on the contact surface of the jaws until the original metallic luster is maintained. The welder finishes the welding work. At the time, the distance between the two electrodes should be kept shortest so that the tension spring used for upset forging is often under stress and loses its elasticity. When the wire welding machine is adjusting and repairing the welding machine, it must be completely cut off after the power supply.

Steel wire butt welder maintenance instructions

1. According to the welding transformer's power supply voltage (220 ~ 380 volts) with the plug and the power socket connected. Type 15 and Type 25 use low voltage transformer 36V.

2. Cut the end of the weldment with a flat cut and properly align the weldment.

3. Open the jaws, align the weldment and tighten the weldment.

4. Turn the eccentrics to tighten the weldments. The distance between the jaws is equal to the adjustment length.

5. Wire welding opportunities are effectively based on the material and size of the weldment, to a certain extent, select the level of voltage adjustment switch, usually the larger the diameter of the weldment, the higher the selection, the general material diameter is 0.4/0.6 Welding, adjust the switch in three levels. In order to avoid the instantaneous overheating of the weldment, the test welding can be performed with a lower voltage series first, and after the completion of the test welding, the product welding is formally performed.