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Steel wire butt welder safety requirements
- Jan 18, 2018 -

Steel wire butt welder is the actual production of a more important equipment. In order to exert its function and value as much as possible, it is also necessary to strictly implement its normative requirements in actual operation. Under normal circumstances, the wire butt welding machine moving process, the push from the back. Specifically with the hands to live on the side of the U-handle slowly push the device, and pay attention to the road.


Remember, whether it is a welding operation, or annealing operations, the scene staff must pay attention to observe the wire butt welder operating conditions, shall not leave the job without cause. During the process of moving the device, the power cord should be removed ahead of time, and then moved to the appropriate location before it can be connected with the power cord. After use, you also need to put back the original position in time.


It should be noted that, in general, the use of wire butt welding machine before welding, you need to be treated straight wire alignment, and to be polished clean. When cutting the steel wire surface banned oxide scale, or it may affect the normal life of the cutter. In addition, the welding process should also be based on the specific specifications of the wire to choose a reasonable location of the weld groove, shall not be placed on the fine wire welded coarse groove, so as to avoid welding block wear.


After welding the steel wire butt welder, the staff also needs to inspect the welding effect again. Mainly to see whether the loosening of the weld, after grinding and annealing, etc. After the wire is completely cooled, the welding quality should be checked in time to reduce the welding wire breakage. After the welding is done, it is necessary to push the equipment to the pay-off safety area.


At the time of handover, staff need to carefully inspect the steel wire butt welder, if any problems are found, they should be promptly notified and overhaul. In addition, before work but also clean the wire on the welder, placed in place to ensure the next normal use.