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Steel wire butt welder structure, characteristics and use method
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Steel wire butt welding machine is a special equipment for welding black metal wire and colored metal wire. It is reasonable in design, reliable in quality, and can be easily welded without any flux. It is easy to operate, flexible in working place and easy to grasp by welders. The top breaking force, the jaw distance and the current can be easily adjusted as needed; the weldment is clamped to the electrode and can be automatically fed and manually fed.


Steel wire butt welding machine has a series of advantages such as low price, low failure rate, good forming and high efficiency. It is a good assistant for wire drawing, nail making, cable, wire, wire rope, construction, pre-products and rubber manufacturers. It is a colored wire and rod. The ideal energy-efficient equipment for the butt welding of certain alloy materials.


The steel wire butt welder structure mainly consists of a transformer, a fixed electrode holder, a moving electrode holder, a welding feeding mechanism and a control system. The welding mechanism portion includes two parts of a fixed electrode and a moving electrode, and the moving electrode moves on the two guide shafts by left and right by the rotation of the joystick.


The jaw of the wire butt welder is pressurized with an eccentric wrench to clamp the weldment to the electrode, and the pressure can be adjusted by appropriately rotating the large handle. Moving the electrode completes the melting and extrusion process required for soldering. Mainly includes feed handle, pitch screw, spring screw and spring. The rotary feed handle allows the moving electrode to achieve a working stroke of 15 mm or more in both extreme positions. The rotary pitch screw can change the distance between the two electrodes, and the top spring screw can be adjusted to obtain an appropriate upsetting pressure.


Before the steel wire butt welder is welded, adjust the distance of the jaw according to the shape of the weldment. The weldment is clamped on the electrode, and the center line of the two weldments is aligned, and the distance between the jaws is adjusted to ensure good contact; select the appropriate current In the gear position, turn the feed handle to get the maximum distance of the jaws, then clamp the weldment to the electrode, then put the feed handle back in place and press the switch.


When the power is turned on, the low-voltage and large current will pass from the weldment, so that the weldment can be instantaneously melted, and the pressurization can be automatically fed under the action of the spring. When the weldment is shortened due to plastic deformation, when the specified upset forging is reached, the weld is loosened. Press the button and the welding is completed.