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Steel Wire Butt Welding Machine Structural Composition and Performance Advantages
- Sep 02, 2017 -

As a superior performance of the welding equipment, steel wire butt welding machine for users to bring a very good experience. In the actual work, the steel wire butt welding machine is mainly used for welding ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, etc., to achieve better welding results.

Steel wire butt welding machine

The first part of the steel wire butt welding machine structure overview:

In fact, the composition of the steel wire butt welding machine is not complicated, but this does not affect its own superior performance. Its main components include transformers, moving electrode holder, fixed electrode holder, welding and feeding mechanism and control system. Wherein the welding mechanism mainly comprises a fixed electrode and a moving electrode. The moving electrodes are usually arranged on two guide shafts and are moved by means of the rotation of the handle.

In general, each part of the steel wire butt welding machine has an important role, for example, where the moving electrode is mainly to help complete the melting and extrusion process, which mainly includes the components are: pitch screw, feed handle, Top spring screws and springs. The jaws are mainly the welding parts clamped on the electrode, the pressure size, you can use the user according to the actual needs of the adjustment.

The second part, the performance of steel wire butt welding machine advantages:

From the current application situation, the steel wire butt welding machine with its excellent welding performance, in many industries have a good application effect. For example, it can be used in wire drawing nails and wire and cable industries, but also belong to foreign trade products and other industrial sector effective assistant.

Can be seen, steel wire butt welding machine is a very outstanding outstanding equipment, then its advantages are mainly reflected in what aspects? First, the device uses a shell structure, less loss; followed by its smaller size, welding operation more convenient; Third, the current can be adjusted, convenient and flexible.

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