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Steel wire butt welding machine advantages and methods of use
- Apr 17, 2018 -

From the perspective of the overall application, the steel wire butt welding machine is simple and applicable, and the staff is relatively simple and quick when operating the equipment and is flexible in use. Not only that, combined with the use of results to analyze, steel wire butt welding machine also has the advantages of saving energy, high production efficiency.


At present, we can mainly use steel wire butt welding machines to weld carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum and other metal materials. In actual operation, it uses resistance welding method, high power utilization rate, and good welding effect. It is a good assistant for drawing nails, wire and cable, enameled wire, wire rope factory, stainless steel products and technical products. In fact, this kind of equipment belongs to a special equipment for welding black wire and non-ferrous wire.


Because the steel wire butt welding machine itself is designed reasonably, and the production and processing quality is reliable, it has good performance. During use, no flux is needed for easy soldering. Easy to operate, flexible work place, welder easy to master. And in the welding process, the top breaking force, jaw distance, current size can be easily adjusted according to needs. The weldment is clamped on the electrode and can be automatically fed and manually fed.


The prominent advantages of steel wire butt welding machine: 1, low price; 2, stable performance, low failure rate; 3, product molding quality, high work efficiency. Good and efficient. For many users, the device is actually a good helper for wire drawing, nail making, cables, wires, wire ropes, construction, products, and rubber manufacturers. It is ideal for contact welding of non-ferrous metal wires, rods, bars, and certain alloy materials. Energy-efficient equipment.


The use of steel wire welding machine to share:


In the welding operation, we need to adjust the jaw distance appropriately according to the shape of the weldment to ensure that the weldment can be clamped on the electrode, align the centerline of the two weldments, and adjust the distance between the jaws. Wire welder welds the end face of the weld to ensure good contact. When the specified forging allowance is reached, release the button and the welding is completed.