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Steel Wire Butt Welding Machine Control and Operating Requirements
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Steel wire butt welding machine in the use of the process of its power grid requirements are relatively low, only 250KVA power grid can be met, Steel wire butt welding machine welding high precision, the use of programmable controller and import step Motor to control the flash process, can accurately set the amount of burning and burning speed.

Steel wire butt welding machine through its microcomputer solder mask controller to effectively control the welding current, welding the center of the center of the error in the use of the time can be effectively controlled within ± 0.2mm, to facilitate the subsequent group of chip welding, automatic centering , Can effectively ensure that the two ends of the pipe before welding and the two head ends of the same spacing.

Steel wire butt welding machine welding efficiency is relatively high, when used in the workpiece because of the compression of the times when the cylinder, the reaction speed will be significantly faster than the hydraulic cylinder, easy operation and maintenance services.As no hydraulic station, Product debugging point, the point of failure to be less, there will be no oil and other phenomena.

Steel wire butt welding machine

The length of the workbench can be effectively determined according to the length of the material to be processed. When the length of the steel bar is to be processed, the length of the worktable should be determined by the length of the work piece. Hand help, and listen to the operator command, not any push and pull.

Wire welding machine before the start, must be effective to check the cutter should be no cracks, the knife bolt fastening, protective cover, and then hand pulley, effectively check the gear meshing gap, adjust the cutter clearance, After the start of the equipment, should be the first air operation, inspection and transmission parts and bearing operation is normal, so that can be operated.

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