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Steel wire butt welding machine features
- Dec 23, 2017 -

Steel wire butt welding machine in the use of its eccentric compression and simple application, the entire device using spring pressure, uniform forging force, the wire butt welding machine operation is very convenient and flexible to use, to a certain extent, to save energy and production High efficiency, the use of stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, aluminum and other metal materials.

To a certain extent, the steel wire butt welding machine adopts the resistance butt welding method. The whole equipment has high electric energy utilization rate and good welding effect. It is an effective assistant for wire drawing, wire and cable, enameled wire, wire rope factory, stainless steel products and technological products.

Steel wire butt welding machine in the use of a special welding of black metal wire and non-ferrous metal wire special equipment in the design process is very reasonable and reliable quality, without the use of any flux can be easily welded, the entire equipment Easy to operate and flexible workplace.

Wire butt welders in the operation of the welder easy to grasp the entire equipment, the top of the force, jaw distance, the current size can be easily adjusted according to need, welding pieces clamped on the electrode, the automatic feed welding and manual feed welding.

The greatest use of wire butt welding machine features

1. Low price

2. Low failure rate.

3. Forming, high efficiency. UN series butt welder is an effective assistant for wire drawing, nail making, cable, wire, wire rope, construction, pre-product and rubber manufacturer. It is an ideal high-efficiency energy-saving equipment for contact butt welding of non-ferrous metal wire, rod, row and some alloy materials.

The structural part of the wire butt welder includes two parts: a fixed electrode and a moving electrode. The moving electrode moves on the two guide shafts and moves left and right depending on the rotation of the joystick. The jaws are pressurized by an eccentric wrench, so that the weldment is clamped to the electrode, and the pressure can be rotated by a large handle to be properly adjusted.