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Steel wire drawing machine features
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The so-called steel wire drawing machine mainly refers to wire drawing equipment that produces and pre-treats steel wire standard parts and other products. The steel wire drawing machine can pull the wire rods or rods produced by the steel manufacturer to metal production companies such as standard parts, so that the diameter, roundness, internal metallurgy structure and surface finish of the wire rods or rods can be obtained. Both the straightness and the straightness have met the raw material processing requirements for the production of metal products such as standard parts.


It can be seen that steel wire drawing machine has a more important role in practical application, and its quality for pretreatment of wire rods or bars will directly affect the product quality of standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, it is widely used in steel processing and other fields. The equipment is mainly used for the production and pre-processing of metal products such as steel wire, system wire, prestressed steel wire and standard parts.


Wire drawing machine application features introduced:

Under normal circumstances, this type of wire drawing machine equipment has a good working performance, can maintain an efficient operating state, one of its characteristics is low-frequency torque, stable output, and is the use of high-performance vector control;

Secondly, from the analysis of production conditions, the wire drawing machine equipment has a good energy-saving effect and can reduce production costs;

Third, the wire drawing machine equipment itself has good performance, for example, it has a higher proportion of precision control, while also has a slip compensation function, high speed accuracy. And during use, it can maintain a constant tension and prevent disconnection. In addition, the device is also equipped with the latest high-speed motor control chip DSP to ensure rapid response vector control.


In addition to these excellent properties, in the wire drawing machine equipment, which also uses a modular design of the hardware circuit, to ensure stable and efficient operation of the wire drawing machine converter. Moreover, the design of the device incorporates European automotive design concepts with smooth lines and attractive appearance. The structure adopts independent air duct design, the fan can be disassembled freely, and the heat dissipation is good. And the wire drawing machine equipment can use a variety of flexible control methods to meet the requirements of a variety of complex working conditions.