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Straight steel wire drawing machine main functions
- Mar 01, 2018 -

Straight steel wire drawing machine usually adopts fully enclosed protection system, so in practical applications with high safety performance. Straight wire drawing machine suitable drawing materials suitable for a variety of steel wire, including high, medium and low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, prestressed steel wire, tire wire, hose steel wire, spring steel wire and steel cord.


In the straight wire drawing machine equipment, which includes some of the more important structural components, the reel is one of them. Quality reel is made of cast steel spray tungsten carbide, the hardness of HRC above 60, has good wear resistance. The cooling methods adopted are slit cooling and annular air cooling. Taper design is reasonable: to ensure non-collapse line, not mess line.


The driveline is also an important part of this steel wire drawing machine. Some drawing machine with one or two powerful narrow V-belt drive, smooth transmission. There are some drawing equipment transmission system is the use of a strong narrow V + a hard tooth gear drive, coincidence, transmission stable, low noise. In addition, in the tuning device of the apparatus, the surface of the tuning roller is spray-coated with a certain degree of wear resistance. And the use of pneumatic anti-tension tuning, constant tension adjustable.


In the operation of this steel wire drawing machine, the main control methods used AC frequency control, PLC all-digital control, touch screen man-machine interface. As for the pay-off line can be used to put the line frame or the word line pay-off line, close the line can be yong yong lettering machine or snorkel off-line machine.


In actual production, the wire drawing machine error can be accurate to meters, while the device also has a variety of protection features, such as fixed-length automatic deceleration stop function, automatic disconnection detection and other functions. In addition, users in the operation of this wire drawing machine in the process, but also can be combined with the actual production of the corresponding configuration of the dust pipe system to reduce dust pollution and protect the site environment.