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Straightener appeared to bring industries unlimited
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Straightening machine drive systems for all products in our country, there is generally used methods, slow down the gear distribution box, universal coupling can achieve normal transmission method of straightening roller. Normal straightener in correction pulled straight plate work Shi, due to length the aspects of azimuth occurred different of deformation, makes steel plate and correction pulled straight roll round Zhijian of speed poor has reached has 3% of proportion, so makes products produced additional reverse, yiqian whole products of drive easy led to connection bearing and gear of different degree of damaged, dang straightening straight roll in running Shi will and steel Board in normal running Shi produced speed of differences Shi, steel plate will appeared sliding of phenomenon, such will damaged products of surface, Roller straightening roll should as far as possible the products at work the individual drive or packet transmission method and methods of tension control can also be used for straightening products.