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Straightener exceptions happen damage was the cause of
- Feb 15, 2017 -

After running for a long time, straightening parts will show wear and tear, aging, performance degradation and other negative phenomena, but it belongs to is a leveler to normal wear. Saying so there is not the normal damage, damage can be caused by what? There are two main reasons straightening abnormal damage caused, on the one hand the manufacturing quality of the leveler itself did not meet the design requirements; or straightening machine has been repaired, but after repairing straightener only, shapes still did not achieve the desired accuracy and finish. Not only that, the straightener selected physical and mechanical properties of the material, heat treatment and did not meet the requirements. When users assemble when straightening machine, there is no guarantee the required coordination, concentricity is wrong, and so on, these cases, straightening abnormal risk of damage is very high.