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Straightening and cutting machine working principle and safety technical requirements
- May 12, 2018 -

The straightening and cutting machine is mainly used for straightening steel pipe products and cutting them according to a certain size. The specific cutting length can be customized according to user requirements. At present, the straightening and cutting machine is widely used in stainless steel wire, cold wire drawing, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, water drawing line and steel bar and so on.


Analysis from the user's use situation, straightening and cutting machine in the working process, can maintain a faster working speed, and high precision, small error, no wire run, reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and reliable, and thus the scope of application The wider the industry, the industries involved include hardware products, handicrafts, and daily necessities. The equipment is mainly composed of a straightening system, a pulling mechanism, a cutting-off mechanism, a reinforcing steel fixed length frame, a frame and a drive device.


In actual production, after the operator starts the straightening and cutting machine as required, the straightening cylinder can be rotated at a high speed by the action of a motor, and the steel bar passing through the straightening cylinder is straightened, and the scale of the steel surface is removed by the straightening die. By the motor through another pair of deceleration belt drive and gear reducer, while driving two transmission rollers, the traction steel forward movement, and will also drive the crank wheel, the hammer up and down movement.


With the continuous operation of the straightening cutter, when the set length is reached, the hammer strikes the upper blade holder and the steel bar is cut. When the severed steel bar falls into the receiving frame, the blade table returns due to the spring action. In situ, complete a cycle. The overall structural design of the device is relatively advanced and reasonable, and it is easy to operate and can be used to straighten and cut off different products.


It should be noted that it is important to ensure safety when using it. Therefore, after installing the leveling and cutting machine, it is necessary to carefully check whether the electrical system and other components are damaged, whether the machine connection parts are firm and reliable, and whether the various transmission parts are flexible. After confirming that all parts of the straightening and cutting machine are normal, test run can be performed. When no abnormal condition is confirmed, feed, straighten, and cut off.