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Straightening methods and operation requirements of the pipe straightening machine
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The pipe straightening machine is to make the steel pipe straightening. The equipment is effective to straighten, derust and paint the steel pipe from 1m to 6m, which is the killer of the 6-meter-long steel pipe. The pipe straightening machine exceeds the market's similar products, no matter in the product quality and life is higher than the same product many times. The straightening effect is incomparable to the same product, regardless of the bending degree, it all can straighten.

First of all, it is necessary to connect the power supply to the tube straightening machine, the reducer must be filled with lubricating oil, so that the steel pipe can be straightened. Note that the surface of the steel pipe can't have welding joints and other foreign bodies. In addition, the steel tube of any curvature can be straightened. Pay attention to that the diameter of the steel pipe must be within the range of the machine.

When the pipe straightening machine is not used, it must be cleaned with the lacquer thinner or diluent to avoid the paint on the brush freezing when it is used next time. It also can be put into the water to avoid air drying and solidification.

The tube straightening machine is specially used to repair the steel with rusting and bend deformation. It can finish the rust-removing of steel pipe and straightening painting. Its output is high, which can light sum two 6-meters-long steel pipe and the operation is easy. Using the pipe straightening machine can make the maintenance of steel pipe more simple.

The pipe straightening machine adjusts the straightening bolt,which is convenient and quick. View the graduated scale above, each time two millimeters to adjust down until the best condition. If you need to rust and paint the steel pipe, open the rust brush paint switch to operate. The paint must adjust the concentration when painting achieve the best painting status. The painting switch can control the amount of the paint according to the demand and the situation.

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