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Straightening process and compression requirements of profiled straightening machine
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The profiled straightening machine can effectively straighten the metal profiles, wires, bars, pipes, etc. during the operation. The profile straightening machine mainly squeezes the bars through its straightening rolls. To change the straightness, there are generally two rows of straightening rolls, the number varies. There are also two-roll straighteners that rely on angular changes in two rolls (intermediate concave, hyperbolic rolls) to straighten materials of different diameters. The main types are pressure straighteners, balance roller straighteners, shoe roll straighteners, rotary back straightening machines, and so on.

Straightening process of profile straightening machine

The position of the stick of the profile straightening machine is at an angle to the direction of movement of the straightened product. Two or three large active rolleres are rotated in the same direction by the motor belt, and several small rollers on the other side are driven. Pressure rollers that are rotated by the rotating rod or tube friction.

Profile straightening machine in order to achieve the required compression of the roller to the product, these small rollers can be adjusted at the same time or separately forward or backward. Generally, the more the number of rollers, the higher the precision of the product after straightening. After the product is bitten by the roller, it is continuously linear or rotationally moved, so that the product is subjected to various compression, bending, crushing and the like, and finally the straightening is achieved.