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Structural arrangement and use characteristics of the seven-roll straightening machine
- Aug 25, 2018 -

The seven-roll straightening machine belongs to the field of straightening machinery. Its main function is to straighten or straighten the steel bar. This type of straightening machine can also automatically cut the steel bar according to the set size, which is suitable for the steel type of construction. There are three sets of hot-rolled coiled steel bars, cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, and light round steel bars.


From a structural point of view, the seven-roll straightener consists mainly of a frame, a roller, a driving device, an adjusting device and the like. The upper frame is provided with an upper roller bracket and a lower roller bracket, three rollers are arranged on the upper roller bracket, and four rollers are arranged on the lower roller bracket, which are staggered and connected to the driving device and controlled by the driving device.


The seven-roll straightening machine designed in this way is not only simple in structure, simple in operation, but also has good straightening effect, and can meet the straightening treatment of workpieces with different thicknesses; at the same time, it can meet the production needs of different production processes, and has low cost and is advantageous for popularization and application.


Since the seven-roll straightening machine is relatively safe and reliable, it has very little damage to the steel bars of the straightening machine; at the same time, due to the attention to the straightening effect and efficiency, the quality of the steel bars is ensured and the axial distortion is reduced. If you are facing a steel bar that is not in a hurry, you can straighten it one by one. Although the efficiency is a bit slow, the straightening effect is better than the multiple.