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Structure and application of single chain cold draw bench
- Jan 30, 2018 -

At room temperature, we can use single chain cold draw bench equipment to draw black or non-ferrous metal materials, such as pipes and rods. Through the single-strand cold drawing machine equipment for rough tube or bar tensile strength, to obtain the desired shape, caliber, precision and high mechanical properties of finished pipe and bar.


In fact, cold drawing machines are currently used in many workplaces. With the increase of users and the development of the market, some new categories are constantly being extended. One of the more common is the single-chain drawing machine. One of the major features of the device is that the pull cart is driven by the sprocket chain system.


For the current application, we can use a single chain cold draw bench to draw a grade 1 bar with a diameter in the range of 6 to 100 mm to obtain a carbide or tungsten carbide with a diameter of less than 0.5 to 100 mm Drawing die for cold drawing. In the process of cold drawing, steel will be subject to the role of tension and extrusion, and thus plastic deformation. After treatment, the cross-sectional area of steel decreases, resulting in cold strengthening, tensile strength can be increased by 40 to 90%.


Currently in the processing of different materials in the process, single-chain cold drawing machine can be pulled out by changing the mold of different specifications of the product. The device draws the stiffness of the chain wheel seat, so accurate positioning, can effectively ensure the quality of treatment.


So far, single chain cold draw bench is currently one of the more widely used equipment in the work of cold-drawing production. Due to its simple structure, easy operation and thus welcomed by many users. Single-chain cold drawing machine equipment in the operation process, mainly through a chain drive pull carts movement.