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Structure and production characteristics of double-chain cold drawing machine
- Aug 18, 2018 -

The double-chain cold drawing machine refers to the drawing machine which is driven by the sprocket and the chain system when the drawing of the pipe is taken. In the process of its use, it mainly adopts its single-chain transmission structure. In the process of operation, the equipment mainly adopts its automatic mortise bar device, which can realize the drawing process of its steel, steel pipe and round steel in the process of operation. .


The drawing trolley of the double-chain cold drawing machine can be directly divided into two forms, and the number of drawn in the equipment can be directly divided into two types of double root drawing and single root drawing, and the form can meet the needs of different customers. The important parameters in the equipment can be effectively designed according to the special requirements of its customers.


In the process of continuous production, the production of hot-rolled seamless steel tubes is based on advanced technology, so that seamless tubes with smaller size and better quality can be obtained, and they need to be cold-drawn and cold during use. Rolling is done in two ways.