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Structure and working principle of round steel cold rolling machine
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Round steel cold rolling machine in the main use of the first-class hot-rolled Q235 round by cold-drawn and cold rolled finished spiral shaped steel machinery and equipment, round steel cold rolling machine in the cold rolled rib In the process of steel bar, the latitudinal and longitudinal directions of its base metal can be effectively cold-worked at the same time. Under the premise of keeping the relative balance and stability of the body in the central area of the original section, while improving the anti-position and compressive strength, sufficient elongation performance.

Structure of the round steel cold rolling machine

1. Working institutions from the rack, roll, roll bearings, roll adjustment agencies, guide bit device, rolling seat and other parts.

2. Transmission mechanism from the gear base, reducer, roll, coupling shaft, coupling and other parts.

Round steel cold rolling machine in the use of the effective use of its electric drag drag bars, the use of cold rolling mill bearing roller work force together to force applied to both sides of the rebar, by changing the size of the gap between the two rolls to achieve rolling To produce different diameter cold-rolled ribbed steel purposes.

The load-bearing roller of a round-bar cold rolling mill is, to some extent, the one closest to the machine stand, so that when a ribbed bar is produced in the process, the bearing bar plays a role of supporting the bar, Work of the work of the gravity evenly distributed in the load-bearing roller, making the lower surface of the ribs produce ribs.

The working roll of the round steel cold rolling machine is just above the bearing roller and is the farthest from the base. Therefore, the roller mainly plays the role of rolling the reinforcing bar lifted by the bearing roller when producing the ribbed steel bar Making the ribs on the surface of rib.