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Surface treatment and installation requirements for inverted wire drawing machines
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The installation foundation of the inverted wire drawing machine needs to be very stable, so that the vibration phenomenon can be avoided. During the installation, the tension axis of the wire and the center line of the die hole are symmetrical, so that the stress of the wire and the wire mold can be evenly distributed. .

When the inverted wire drawing machine is installed, the drawing axis of the wire is symmetrical with the center line of the die hole, so that the stress of the wire and the wire drawing die can be evenly distributed, and the parking should be prevented from being frequently started during the pulling process, because the pulling starts. The friction caused by the tensile stress is much larger than the friction during normal drawing, which is bound to increase the wear of the mold.

The inverted wire drawing machine can be used for pre-treatment of the drawn wire: surface pretreatment and heat treatment, surface pretreatment: for the wire with dirty surface and more impurities, it must be cleaned, dried and then pulled. Pull out, for the wire with more oxide scale on the surface, it must be finely dried and dried before drawing.