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System work requirements and design of seamless steel tube straightening machine
- Nov 08, 2018 -

In the process of making the seamless steel pipe straightening machine, the materials to be processed include the materials of various materials such as the bar and the pipe which are subjected to hot and cold rolling and drawing. Due to the different processes, the seamless steel pipe straightening machine has different scales on the surface of the material. Therefore, in the entire processing operation, the operator should not directly contact the material in the on state, so as to avoid the rapid rotation of the processed material, causing the protrusion on the surface of the material to scratch the operator, and more seriously, due to the processing of the material. The rotation speed is fast, and the operator's arm cannot quickly leave the material to be processed, which will cause more damage. In order to solve this safety problem, all products of our company are designed and controlled to automatically control the operating system to ensure that the operator does not need to directly contact the processing materials during normal operation to ensure normal and safe. Efficient production.

When the hydraulic system of the seamless steel tube straightening machine works, the oil temperature will increase with the pressure loss. If the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is poor, the viscosity will be significantly reduced, resulting in poor lubrication, increased leakage, and affecting the working accuracy. If it starts during the winter, it will start due to the viscosity increase. Therefore, it is required that the range of viscosity change is small within the range of operating temperature variation. When the hydraulic machine equipment is parked for a long time or in long-term inventory, the hydraulic components are prone to rust, which requires the hydraulic oil to have better rust resistance.

When the hydraulic system of the seamless steel tube straightening machine is working, the oil temperature will gradually increase, and the oil will become more and more oxidized and deteriorated. Especially under high temperature conditions, the oxidation speed is very fast, the oil is oxidized, and the cement will be formed. Precipitate dross, contaminate the system and affect the normal operation of the system. If water is mixed into the hydraulic oil, the less stable substance in the hydraulic oil produces hydrophilic organic acids and soaps, which are emulsified under the agitation of the pump to reduce lubricity and affect the performance of the pump and valve.