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The accuracy and use characteristics of the steel wire straightening and cutting machine
- Nov 10, 2018 -

The steel wire straightening and cutting machine is one of the most advanced steel bar straightening equipment for the production of orthodontic grade 3 steel in China. It can realize the automatic rapid adjustment of the wire length to a certain extent. Under normal circumstances, the multi-task operation of different lengths of steel bars is to a certain extent It is used in large highways, railways and nuclear power construction.

The straightening efficiency of the steel wire straightening and cutting machine is high, the accuracy of the whole equipment is accurate, the cutting length error is <2mm, the manual adjustment speed is slow, the precision is poor, and the production efficiency is improved. The shortest and short-cutting length of this machine is 0.8 meters, which is unachievable by the same kind of machines in China. This is especially suitable for the welding wire mesh of the enterprise's cutting section size for producing steel welded wire mesh.

Wire straightening and cutting machine features

1. The wire straightening and cutting machine is mainly controlled by its imported PLC program, and the color touch screen man-machine interface is easy to operate.

2. The cantilevered steel frame of the wire straightening and cutting machine has a fast release speed, a large load capacity and a charging aspect.

3. The unique damping hopper design makes the steel bar straightening and greatly improves the straightening efficiency.