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The accuracy and working procedure requirements of the seven roll bar straightening machine
- Dec 05, 2017 -

The seven roll bar straightening machine is mainly used in the modern bar production. Finishing is the final stage of production, and the bar straightening is the most important process, which determines the quality of the product. The bars with high ovality and straightness through straightening have high value.

As the most important equipment of bar straightening, the straightening machine determines the final quality of the round steel. The seven roll bar straightening machine is designed on the basis of summarizing the domestic advanced bar leveler which has the domestic leading level in recent years. The machine is an eight - pillar seven - inclined roll bar straightening machine, using the prestressed frame and reliable hydraulic working principle, so that the roll gap value has high precision, and the bending and ellipse produced in the production process have obvious straightening effect.

The main features of the seven roll bar straightening machine

1. With the convex and concave roll shape, the roll shape curve is composed of nipping, straightening polishing and transition zone, with the double action of straightening and polishing. It belongs to the line contact type, can realize the straightening polishing in the full length.

2. Adopting constant pressure load control on the principle of roller compaction straightening, variable rigid frame is a flexible frame, that is to ensure the pressure of straightening, polishing and can reduce the head and tail shrinkage phenomenon and protect the mechanical equipment.

3. The main drive adopts DC motor, stepless speed regulation, the roll gap adopts electric adjustment, digital display, sensitive and reliable, easy to operate and maintain.

4. The hydraulic system is equipped with hydraulic station, using the ram pump as the power source. The overload unloading adopts a direct relief valve, which acts as pressure maintaining and buffer.

5. The whole line of the blanking system adopts the protection measures against scratch, and the lifting material basket adopts the pumping mechanism, which can make the material arranged in order, and reduce the impact and noise. There is an on-line roller table between the peeler and the fine straightening polishing unit, which can receive the single material sent by the peeler, and also can receive the bundled bars, which can realize full automatic control and improve the productivity.