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The adjustment on screws and feeding requirements of the square tube straightening machine
- Dec 09, 2017 -

The straightening cylinder steel bar of the square tube straightening machine enters into the cylinder from the tray. Adjust the adjustment screw of the straightening block and the straightening block is fastened in different eccentric position, in order to straighten the steel bar with different specifications or different properties.

The straightening scheme of the square tube straightening machine includes Gaussian curve type, sine curve type and cosine curve type, which are suitable for steel bar with different diameter and yield strength. After straightening the multiple-disc steel bar, the straightening block will produce wear, at this time eccentricity should be offset to ensure the straightening effect. In order to straighten the main transmission box and the traction roller, the motor speed is reduced by a mechanical speed reduction mechanism in the transmission box, and the driving roller is driven to rotate.

When feeding, the square tube straightening machine rotates an eccentric handle to lift the upper compression roller, passes the steel bar through a V-shaped groove between the upper compression roller and lower compression roller, then reversely rotates the eccentric handle to pull down the upper compression roller, and the upper compression roller and  lower compression roller are clamped with the steel bar.

The material is pressed between the two compression rollers, and the strength of the steel bar to be adjusted depends on the clamping force between the compression rollers. A spring is connected with the connecting rod which is mechanically connected with the upper pressing roller, the spring exerts pressure on the upper compression roller, and the tractive force of the compression roller is proportional to the pressure, so different spring pressures should be selected for reinforcing bars with different diameters and materials, so that the reinforcing bars can be better grasped and pulled.