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The application field and safety technology of the straightening cutting machine
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The straightening cutting machine is widely used in galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire,hard-drawn wire, aluminum wire, water draw thread, steel bar and so on. The straightening cutting machine has the characteristics of fast speed, small error, no running wire, reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable.

The straightening cutting machine can be widely used in various fields of hardware products, crafts and daily necessities, such as the straightening and cutting off of the pet cage,coop,air conditioning mesh enclosure, spokes, umbrella stand, birdcage, refrigerator shelf, silk fishing net, bolting cloth and other metal wire.

The motor of the straightening cutting machine is driven by another pair of deceleration belt transmission and the gear reduction unit, on the one hand, the two transfer rollers can be driven to a certain extent, so that the steel bar can be pulled forward. On the other hand, it drives the crank wheel, so that the hammer head up and down movement. When the steel bar is transferred to the predetermined length, the hammer head is hammering on the cutter holder, cutting the steel bar, the steel bar cut off into the receiving rack, and the knife platform returns to the original position due to the spring effect, completing a cycle.

During the operation of the straightening cutting machine, the steel head is bent, and the machine is not allowed to be taken out immediately, and it should not be allowed to pass through. When the steel is screw - shaped, it needs to be stopped immediately and should not be allowed to pass through.

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